AxcessAbles 1/4 (6.35mm) TRS to 1/4 (6.35mm) TRS Multi-Color Balanced Stereo Patch Cables 6-Pack (3ft) Outboard Gear, Keyboards, Audio Mixers

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AxcessAbles AXCTRS14-PATCH130-6PK

A patch bay allows you to create custom audio signal routings. You connect your microphones, outboard gear, and audio interface to the back of a patch bay, and then create custom processing chains by forming connections between jacks on the front of the patch bay, using patch bay cables. For example, you could use a patch bay to route the signal coming from a microphone into a mic preamp, through an outboard compressor, into your audio interface, and then into your DAW. There are two primary benefits to using a patch bay. The first is that it allows you to quickly create custom signal routings, without fumbling around behind your hardware, plugging and unplugging cables. The second is that it prevents wear and tear on your hardware. Since you don’t typically unplug hardware from the back of your patch bay, unless you get new gear, the only cables and jacks that deteriorate over time are the patch cables and the jacks in the patch bay itself—which are both much cheaper to replace than the cables used to connect gear to the back of your patch bay, and the jacks in your hardware units. Cables can also be easily used with all types of gear from electronic keyboards, audio mixers, stereo speakers and more!

  • The PERFECT Multi Colored Cables for your outboard and patch bay gear in any studio, home or professional! Easily route your Analog or Digital effects with these durable and pliable cables.
  • When it comes to audio cable design, AxcessAbles keeps a steady eye on the basics, and you can hear this attention to detail in their sound. To make your next music experience extraordinary, pick up a AxcessAbles cable today.
  • Nickel-plated plugs for rugged durability and efficient signal transfer. Oxygen-free copper (OFC) Conductors for Enhanced signal clarity. OFC Spiral shields for effective EMI and RFI Rejection and Flexibility.
  • Great for all forms of outboard and patchbay gear such as compressors, delay units, reverb units, microphone preamps, equalizers, noise gates, flangers, echo, choruses. Possibilities are endless with AxcessAbles balanced stereo patch cables.
  • Keyboards, Audio Mixers, Stereo Speakers and More! 

AxcessAbles 1 Year Limited Warranty