AxcessAbles ES-01 Event Podium DJ Table Facade, 2ft 9" Standing Desk Height, 39.5" W x 19.5"D Work Surface. Video Light Projector Display Booth. Portable with Carrying Bag, Black, White Scrims. Excellent Condition

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When you finally decide to take that "gig" to the next level, make a splash in the big event with the AxcessAbles ES-01! This DJ Event workstation will give you that aura, swag, and professional reputation that tells your client you mean business!

It's a power play that projects to all the attendees, who's CLEARLY in-charge, and that they're about to get the business! Not only is this work-station perfect as a party hub but it also doubles as a work desk or a podium for any other life celebrations you have coming. Fits most major DJ turntables, a wide variety of DJ gear and plentiful space for any presenter who needs a standalone desk. The white and Black scrims add a fantastic touch and look to this simple yet necessary tool for your job!

This Event Station is great for DJ's, Worship, Weddings, Sweet 16's, Birthdays and more! Set up is easy. The scrims come in their own bags for extra protection during transit and easy stow during the haul to and from.

Download PDF Catalog: ES-01_Manual.pdf