AxcessAbles LUNAR TUNER Mini-Stomp Chromatic Digital Tuner Bundle for Guitar Bass or ANY Stringed Instrument - 9V Includes Power Supply and Cable

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The AxcessAbles Lunar Tuner is a dependable and accurate tuner without breaking the bank! Standard features meet all modern expectations of a chromatic tuner for an incredible deal! The Lunar Tuner is renowned for handling 7 string guitars as well as 5 string basses and drop tunings! The Lunar Tuner is the boss when it comes to low string and/or drop tunings! The bright LED screen jumps out in any lightning situation from daylight to a dark stage between songs. Just like all AxcessAbles instrument pedals, the Lunar Tuner bundle comes with 9 Volt Power Supply and 10' instrument cable.


  • AxcessAbles LT-1 Lunar Tuner Mini-Stomp Chromatic Digital Tuner
  • Features include a designated pitch option that ranges from 430 Hz - 450 Hz
  • LED Lights - Bright and colorful screen - Small and easy to use - Fits on any pedalboard!
  • The most important guitar pedal a musician should have. Always be in tune so that you sound your best!
  • Package Includes: Pedal, box with manual, 10' instrument cable AND power supply INCLUDED! Do not be disappointed purchasing a pedal you cannot use straight out of the box! We provide a power supply, others DON'T!