AxcessAbles MB-W Professional Heavy Duty Studio Microphone Boom Stand with Locking Wheels 8ft Max Extension, 6ft8" in Height. Ideal Overhead Recording

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The AxcessAbles MB-W Professional Studio Microphone Boom with Locking Wheels is must-have gear for live sound, studios, on-set, on location, churches and production houses. When you need to mic overhead and have the mic off-screen, the MB-W Boom Stand is the way to go.


  • 1.5" and 1" metal tube construction for stability and durability.
  • Two cable clips on the boom poles.
  • 1/8" thread to 1/2" thread nut at the end of the boom pole
  • Vertical security pin.
  • Locking caster wheels.
  • Double steel-alloy leg braces (able to withstand additional weight such as sandbags).
  • 2.5 lb moveable counterweight keeps the stand balanced.

As much as we want "Microphone Boom Guy" to be around, he's going to have to do something else. The MB-W virtually eliminates this dude and possibly saves you cash in the process. Sorry Dave.

Height Adjustable
Stand height easily adjusts to your height preference. From 50" to a whopping 82" high!

Telescopic Boom Arm
The MB-W's Boom Arm's 8' extension and reach is both versatile and flexible in design that your production crew requires!

The key to why this microphone boom doesn't need a person to hold the arm in place is our 2.5 pound counterweight! Slide it forward or back to counter the preferred length of the boom arm to keep it balanced. Lock your angle by simply screwing it tight.

Boom Tip
The boom arm has a 5/8" male adapter tip that is perfectly suited for standard microphone clips. Spider shock mounts or regular mic clips will fit just fine!

*Mic clip not included

The MB-W's wide tripod base extends out to 32" for balance and stability! Reinforced double-brace steel for strength, and the locking knob makes for an ultra-stable stand for your boom mic situations.

Locking Caster Wheels
Three caster wheels that move and pivot in any direction for smooth, easy and mobile movement on the production, set or studio floor. Lock it in place in the desired spot, then unlock and move on to the next location when ready!



 1 Year Limited Warranty