AxcessAbles MC-20 Professional Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Wired Microphone, Metal Chassis with 10-ft Mic Cable (4-Pack)

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AxcessAbles MC-20 Dynamic Wired Vocal Microphone

The AxcessAbles MC-20 Dynamic Wired Microphone is designed with a presence boost to enhance output and clarity for lead vocals. It also features a handy noiseless On/Off switch that makes it easy to mute the sound whenever needed. This versatile mic is great for applications such as live performances / conferences / lectures / places of worship / karaoke.


  • ✔ The MC-20 Dynamic Microphone is designed with a presence boost to enhance output and clarity of vocals.
  • ✔ Cardioid polar pattern picks up audio from the source while rejecting unwanted noise.
  • ✔ Noise-free On /Off switch provides silent control of the microphone.
  • ✔ Updated industrial design with black metallic finish and grille.
  • ✔ Comes with an AxcessAbles 10ft XLR-to-¼” TS microphone cable.
  • ✔ Package contains standard microphone clip for mounting.
  • ✔ Pouch included for extra protection during transport or storage.

Made to Perform


The MC-20 is born to sing! Features cardioid polar pattern pick-up which enhances your vocals while virtually eliminating unwanted background noise. Comes with a 10-foot mic cable that let's you command the stage!


Great for any speaking events like weddings, parties, presentations, conferences, classrooms, churches or any similar venues. You want your message to come across as clearly as possible in these events. The MC-20 delivers that clarity.


When you need your musical instruments to come alive the MC-20 will get the job done. This microphone package includes a mic clip that can attach to most microphone boom to precisely position the mic to your music source.