AxcessAbles MSM-BK Microphone Shock Mount with Adapters

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The AxcessAbles AXCMSM-BK Microphone Shock Mount is a universal vibration dampening microphone mounting system that helps isolate your recording mic from most unwanted sources of vibration which affects the integrity of your recording, broadcasting, or podcasting, and helps you get the professional results that you want. The AXCMSM-BK shock mount comes equipped with two (2) thread specifications- 3/8" (European) and 5/8" (North American) for mounting to your mic stand of choice, and four (4) solid metal adapters that make it compatible with many popular model studio mics.


★ Sturdy metal frame for durability.
★ Works with either North American or European mic stand mount threads.
★ Comes with four adapter rings to configure to many popular mic models.
★ Threaded hand tightening knob locks shock mount into desired position.
★ Helps eliminate unwanted vibrations from affecting recordings or broadcasts for pro results.
★ Works perfectly for either professional studio or home studio use.
★ AxcessAbles 1 Year Warranty.