AxcessAbles MX-100 Cardioid Condenser Mic Bundle with Desktop Tripod Stand, Shock Mount & XLR Cable

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The AxcessAbles MX-100 Bundle comes with everything you'll need for recording or broadcasting/podcasting so that you can get to work right away! This exceptionally priced AxcessAbles expert bundle comes with:

  • AxcessAbles MX-100 Professional Cardioid Studio Condenser Microphone with Shock Mount
  • AxcessAbles CM-219 Desktop Tripod Stand
  • AxcessAbles 10ft XLR Cable

AxcessAbles MX-100 Professional Cardioid Studio Condenser Microphone with Shock Mount
The AxcessAbles MX-100 Cardioid Condenser Microphone is a professional-quality uni-directional condenser microphone with cardioid polar pattern that delivers high-sensitivity, low-noise and wide dynamic output which minimizes background noise and isolates the primary sound source. It provides smooth, extended frequency response and is excellent for singing, speech and instrument recording. The MX-100 has a frequency resolution of 30Hz ~ 20kHz which offers super smooth audio without distortion. Makes for clear, crisp and pure sounding recordings of your voice or instruments! Great for use in many different applications such as, interviews, voice-overs, narrations, video conferences, podcasting, live performances, and speaking engagements.

    • ★ Great for professional recordings in-studio or at home.    
    • ★ Ideal for online interviews, presentations, voice-overs or narrations, video conferences or online meetings, podcasting and YouTubers!    
    • ★ Uni-directional cardioid studio condenser microphone that captures vocals the way they should be heard!    
    • ★ The MX-100 comes with a high-quality suspension shock mount that isolates the condenser mic from physical vibrations, table or stand noise. Features an angle adjustment with locking knob.    
    • ★ AxcessAbles 1 Year Warranty.

    Download PDF Manual: MX100_Mic_Manual_Summer_2020.pdf


      AxcessAbles CM-219 Tripod Desk Microphone Stand

      The AxcessAbles CM-219 Tripod Desk Microphone Stand desktop microphone stand is perfect for home studio, recording studio or podium. Portable, folding, stable and non-slip tripod stand is made of stainless steel with 3/8" threaded mount and 5/8" adaptor, with non-slip rubberized feet and folding legs. This tripod allows for full 180º rotation, which enables you to get better sound quality by adjusting the angle of the mic to the direction of sound source. The anti-slip silicone rubber foot pads stabilize your microphone and decreases the trill.

      • ★ Durable high quality metal and ABS plastic construction.
      • ★ Ideal for home recording, podcasting, broadcasting and live interviews, as well as for live sound reinforcement for kick drums, pianos, and amps.
      • ★ Adjustable height from 7" to 9".
      • ★ Universal microphone clip fits most wired or wireless microphones.
      • ★ Perfect for desktop and podium use.
      • ★ Zinc-alloy tripod legs for stability.
      • ★ Anti-slip/anti-scratch silicone rubber foot pads stabilize your microphone.
      • ★ Folding legs.
      • ★ Sturdy black powder coat finish.
      • ★ AxcessAbles 1 Year Warranty.


      AxcessAbles XLR-XLR10 Audio Cable - XLR Male to XLR Female

      • ★ Balanced: Yes
      • ★ Connector 1: XLR male
      • ★ Connector 2: XLR female
      • ★ Length: 10ft
      • ★ Cable: Shielded
      • ★ AxcessAbles 1 Year Warranty