AxcessAbles Orchestra Clip-on LED Music Stand Lamp with USB Cable (10-Pack)

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Music Stand Lighting

AxcessAbles 9 LED Music Stand Light, Clip-On USB or Battery Operated Lamp with Adjustable Goose Neck

DJ Table, Mixer, Controller, Piano and Reading Light!

Musical Lighting

Lamp easily clips on a music sheet stand for that perfect lighting that's bright enough to be focused on the music sheet and not light up more than it should.

Desk Light

A great late night companion at work when working overtime in your cubicle or office. Just gives you the right ambient lighting to focus on work and your privacy.

Night/Reading Lamp

Position it on your nightstand and you're good to go in enjoying your favorite book. With 2 Brightness modes to keep the right brightness on your space while keeping your partner sound asleep.

The Optics Always Look Great!

Sleek and minimalist design! Clip-on or On-desk, always a great look!