AxcessAbles Pro Audio Cable Gender Changing and Adapter Multi Pack with XLR, RCA, Headphone, TS, TRS Connectors for Sound Engineers, DJs, Recording Studios and More

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The AxcessAbles Pro Audio Cable Converting Multipack Bundle comes with 16 of the most common connectors for your A/V needs. This exceptionally priced AxcessAbles expert bundle comes with comes with:

  • ★ (2 x) XLR female to  XLR male audio connector
  • ★ (2 x) XLR female to ¼” TRS stereo male audio connector
  • ★ (2 x) ¼” TRS stereo male to 3.5mm (⅛”) TRS female gold-plated adapter  (headphone connectors)
  • ★ (4 x)  ¼” Mono TS male jack to RCA female gender changing adapter audio connector
  • ★ (2 x) XLR female to 3 pin XLR female audio cable connector
  • ★ (2 x) ¼” TRS female to ⅛” TRS male audio cable converter
  • ★ (2 x) 3pin XLR female to ¼” TS male audio cable converter