AxcessAbles RKVENTED1U 1U Vented Spacer Rack-Mount Panel for 19 inch Equipment, AV and Server Racks 1.75" Height x 19" Long (2 Pack)

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The AxcessAbles RKVENTED1U A/V Rack Single Space Vented Blank Plate is for putting the final touches on the front of an A/V rack by filling any blank spaces if your rack needs to sit in a place where it can be seen, and clean looks are important. Vented plates are also used when maximum airflow is desired to keep A/V components running cool and within spec. Blank plates also keep unwanted hands from reaching in between delicate A/V components and possibly disturbing patching and wiring.

  • Package comes with 2 x 1U Vented Rack Mount Panel
  • Helps increase air flow in and around A/V components to help them operate cool and within specs
  • Fills a 1U space (1.75 Inch) on a standard 19 inch rack-mount
  • Solid stamped steel fabrication
  • Durable matte black powder coated finish with smooth corners and edge

1 Year Limited Warranty