AxcessAbles SF-TRIPOD Heavy Duty Mic Stand 71 Inches Ideal for Studio Microphone Isolation Shield, Studio Mic or Speaker Stand w/ Universal Adapters

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Tripod Stand for Studio Isolation Shield with Adapter. Professional, Versatile & Durable!

The AxcessAbles SF-TRIPOD makes for perfect mounting from your microphone isolation shields, boom arms, microphone shock mounts and clips, to pole-mountable medium sized speakers. It's solid construction and ease of use will make it perfect for your home or professional studio recording projects or live shows.

The SF-TRIPOD is constructed from high grade alloy and is designed for maximum portability without sacrificing durability. Height adjustment holes can be found along the upper shaft along with a locking pin allowing you to easily change the height of the stand.



  • Compatible with ALL MODELS of Microphone Isolation Shields - clamp style or thread loading. Can also be used as a microphone or speaker stand.
  • Compatible with the following brands of Microphone Isolation Shields: Moukey, Tonor Shield, Aokeo, Neewer, Aston, AGPTEK, Monoprice, LyxPro and AxcessAbles
  • Can carry loads of up to 45 lbs. of microphone isolation shield or medium-sized speakers.
  • Includes 3/8" and 5/8" mic thread adapters to cap the end
  • Adjustable height from 41" to 71.5" inches. Suitable for children and adults over 6ft tall.
  • Collapses easily for efficient transportation.
  • Lock legs into position with tension locking knob.
  • Tripod leg design greatly increases stability and sturdiness.
  • Non-slip rubber feet.
  • 1" circumference top stand mount tubing can easily insert into 35mm (1.37") microphone isolation shields or speaker mounting holes.


Can carry loads of up to 45 lbs. of microphone isolation shield or medium-sized speakers when used as a clamp stand. MAX Thread loading weight is 5lb.

1 Year Limited Warranty