AxcessAbles 9 Inch Studio Monitor Isolation Pads (PAIR) 40LB Capacity For 8, 7, 6, 5" Speakers Compatible W/ 306, 308MKII, HS5, HS8, KRK ROKIT

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Studio Monitor Speaker Isolation Foam Pads

Accommodate many different sizes of monitors, including monitors placed horizontally. Enhances sonic clarity of studio monitors by eliminating sympathetic resonance within the room!

Vibration Buffer

Acts as a "silencer" that serves as a buffer between the speakers and your desk which enhances sonic clarity of your studio speaker monitors! Anti-slip foam material keeps your monitor speakers in place.

Foam Quality

SMP02 Pads are made out of the highest quality acoustical foam (50kg/m^3 density).


Foam pads are flexible and soft but firm enough to maintain its shape and density for years.

  • Each isolation pad stack is 9 inch wide by 12 inch long and 2 inch thick with 3 separate stackable slices, giving you multiple options to design your speaker set up. Each pad configuration has a 40LB capacity minimally, with extra give for a little heavier speaker.
  • Each SMP02 Isolation speaker pad is wide enough to accommodate most popular 4,5,6,7,8-inch studio monitors. Can be combined to use for speakers 10 inches and larger such as subwoofers or dual cone sideway speakers with little to any give on the foam pads. Incredibly durable and functionable unlike the rest!
  • Why use speaker isolation pads? Isolation pads absorb vibrations and low frequency rattles when you are listening or mixing your own music! They preserve your speakers' performance while creating a sound environment that is both professional and functionable.
  • 3 High density acoustic foam slices provide additional options in fine tuning your speaker's position. SMP02 Pads are made out of the highest quality acoustical foam (50kg/m^3 density).
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