AxcessAbles SF-2 Compact Desktop Recording Microphone Isolation Shield

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The AxcessAbles SF-2 Compact Desktop Recording Microphone Isolation Shield is a compact, highly portable desktop recording/broadcasting microphone isolation shield. It features high-density sound dampening acoustic pyramid foam which results in superior recordings. The SF-2 gets maximum sound isolation by limiting external bleed sounds that contaminate recordings from the surrounding environment. Examples of unwanted sounds would include computer fans, air conditioning and heating systems, and other instruments. This creates a direct path for your voice or instrument to the mic, eliminating unwanted external noise interference. The shield is comprised of three panels total, with the outer two panels adjustable/folding on hinged joints to fully open or fully close, and every position in-between for your customized requirements. The SF-2 includes telescoping, height adjustable, weighted round base that threads to the upper shield, so that you can position the shield and mic exactly where you want them for optimal recording.

  • ★ High-density sound dampening pyramid foam for the best noise absorption/reduction.
  • ★ Compact and extremely versatile.
  • ★ Weighted round base stays in place during use.
  • ★ Height adjustable base for perfect positioning.
  • ★ Easy assembly, no tools required.
  • ★ 17" x 5" x 6" when folded for transporting or storage.
  • ★ AxcessAbles 1 Year Warranty.