AxcessAbles SSB-101 Universal Tripod Speaker Stands with Carrying Bag (2-Pack)

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The AxcessAbles SSB-101 Tripod Speaker Stands are constructed from high grade alloy. This stand is designed for maximum portability without sacrificing durability. Six height adjustment holes can be found along the upper shaft along with a locking pin allowing you to easily change the height of the stands and keeps the height safely locked in place. Also included is an AxcessAbles black nylon zippered carry bag to make transportation easier and protect the finish to keep your stands looking good.


  • ★ Tripod leg design greatly increases stability and sturdiness.
  • ★ Collapses easily for efficient transportation.
  • ★ Lock legs into position with with tension locking knob.
  • ★ Up to 80lb. load.
  • ★ Height adjustable ranging from 43” to 72”.
  • ★ 1.5” circumference top stand mount tubing compatible with most popular PA speakers.
  • ★Metal safety pin to ensure height is locked in place and prevent any unwanted accidents.
  • ★ Non-slip rubber feet.
  • ★ Included zippered nylon carry bag for ease of transport.
  • ★ AxcessAbles 1 Year Warranty.