AxcessAbles TRS14-STRS115 Stereo ¼” Male Phono to ¼” Male Phono Balanced TRS Cable (15ft)

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The AxcessAbles TRS14-STRS115 Audio Cable is a balanced ¼” cable- typically used to connect mixers to equalizers, crossovers, compressors, effects units or amplifiers... anywhere that requires a balanced ¼” connection. 22g Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductors for enhanced signal clarity and superior RF rejection. Comes with the AxcessAbles one year warranty.


  • ★ Nickle plated plugs for superb signal transfer
  • ★ Molded strain relief plugs for durability
  • ★ 22g Oxygen-Free Copper cable
  • ★ Superior RF rejection
  • ★ Cable - Shielded 6mm neoprene cover
  • ★ Length- 15ft
  • ★ AxcessAbles 1 Year Warranty