AxcessAbles TRS18-DXLR402M Audio Cable - 3.5 mm (⅛") Stereo TRS to Dual XLR Male Cable (6.5ft)

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The AxcessAbles TTRS18-DXLR402M Audio Cable is a 2 meter (6.5ft) cable with 3.5mm (") stereo TRS to dual XLR male connectors. This cable is designed to connect any device with a 3.5mm stereo output to pro audio equipment requiring XLR male inputs. It is commonly used to connect iPhone, iPad, laptop or any a portable media player to a mixing console or powered speaker. Comes with the AxcessAbles one year warranty.


  • Designed to split a 3.5mm (" aux) balanced / stereo signal into two unbalanced / mono XLR signals.
  • XLR Connector with external strain relief for rugged reliability.
  • ★ 20 AWG 4N Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductor for enhanced signal clarity.
  • ★ Top-quality and heavy-duty flexible neoprene jacket for durability.
  • ★ Connector 1- 3.5mm (") TRS
  • ★ Connector 2- 2 XLR male connectors
  • ★ Length- 6.5ft
  • ★ AxcessAbles 1 Year Warranty