AxcessAbles TUBE EXCITER Overdrive Guitar Pedal w/ AxcessAbles Snap Connector and Instrument Cable

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AxcessAbles 2BXTR Tube Exciter Overdrive Guitar Pedal Bundle features

  • AxcessAbles 2BXTR Tube Exciter Overdrive Guitar Pedal
  • AxcessAbles Snap Connector
  • AxcessAbles Straight to Straight Guitar Instrument Cable

The AxcessAbles Tube Exciter is an excellent drive pedal for any amp or application. Overdrive sounds with the likes of the 0D3 and the TS9 can drive any amp over the edge with grit and power. One of the best features this pedal has to offer is a separate BOOST feature. Adding up to 10db of extra volume with one switch, easily making it available for a dirty boost or a tube-like overdrive. LED Light, Aluminum-alloy casing, True Bypass and a Stomp-Bar make this pedal as durable as any boutique pedal. You don't need to break the bank for a good Overdrive in addition to your pedal board.

1 Year Limited Warranty